About Us

Welcome to Pearl Domotics, where we offer both Wired and Wireless automation solutions for Home as well as Commercial Spaces by adding IOT controls and connectivity to various appliances.

We convert home into a Smart Home by giving user the control on their smartphone/tablet and touch panels by which they can control and manipulate the lightings, curtains, home theater, security cameras, climate control and other household appliances like Air Purifiers, Water Heaters, etc. We provide highly customizable solutions as per your taste and design.

Our company's mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate your living space or area of work.
Pearl Domotics supports all mainstream technical standards, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. We provide you with reliable and authorized hardware modules. Our products and services strictly adhere to international standards, product safety and quality regulations.
Our extremely skilled design and engineering team work closely together with you to find the best solutions that works, which is later guided and supported by our manufacturing team.

Pearl Domotics provides solutions for all major smart home categories. Combined with our advantage to attach OEMs with suppliers, we have a tendency to deliver best-in-class good home devices.

Our team work closely with the Home & Business owners to deliver the benefits of a smart and well connected home and offices which include Security, Convenience, Peace of Mind, Prestige, Comfort and an Energy Efficient Environment that's comfortable and safe.